One of the most important features to consider when evaluating a spa is water quality. The Sundance® Spas MicroClean® Water Management System along with CLEARRAY® surpasses all others because it helps to ensure clean, sparkling, water with less maintenance. The system accomplishes this through an efficient combination of highly effective filtration, circulation, water treatment surface skimming processes.

After years of both external laboratory and in-field testing, Sundance® has perfected a water treatment system that makes water care a breeze. The system treats water using exclusive UV-C technology, which means no gas, chemical, or other byproduct is added to the water or produced as a result. This proven technology has a strong track record of success in hygienic and clear water driven industries, including: hospitals, pharmaceuticals, bottling & beverage, industrial and municipal water treatment, and aquariums.

With Sundance® Spas’ MicroClean® Water Management System count on superior water quality and easy care keeping your spa’s water clean and pure, whenever you’re ready to enjoy it.