Our Promise

Connection, loyalty, and craftsmanship are the pillars of the Sundance® philosopy

It's more than a spa, its a way of life

Once you experience it, you’ll see why owners buy again and again: life is better with a Sundance® Spa. Start your own #SundanceLife and join the conversation.
The quality, design, and performance of the spa is exceptional. I look forward to using it almost everyday for relaxation and sleep enhancement, as well as the hydrotherapy benefits for a lower back injury
- Ron R. Sundance® Optima® Owner
It is so far superior to the old spa we had which was part of our pool as it actually has jets you can control and there are four great seats to choose from.
- Norma E. Sundance® Optima® Owner


Our products provide an environment where you can nurture relationships and enhance your life, bringing social circles together and couples and families closer. By removing you from life’s distractions, our spas give you exactly what you need to be your true self


Built on trust and excellence, the relationship we have with our customers will always be our foundation. By carefully selecting each of our dealers, we can ensure that you are enjoying outstanding products and services that reinforce the reputation we have earned over several decades.


We want you to relax when you’re in your Sundance® spa. So we give you the confidence that your spa has everything you need and nothing you don’t. Backed by personal experience, a solid reputation for reliability and the best dealer network, you can focus on distraction-free interactions with those that mean most to you
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