Enhance the soothing comfort of your home spa with the addition of luxurious aromatherapy. Our SunScents™ fragrances transform your hot tub experience from merely relaxing to utterly transporting. The SilentAir injector system (available in 880™ Series hot tubs and spas) imbues your water with pleasing hot tub scents. Whether you’re setting the tone for a themed party or just enjoying quiet after-work soak, you can create a mood tailored to your tastes or those of your friends and family.

SunScents™ are easy to use. Simply lower the scent container into the SilentAir dispenser, twist the cap closed, and turn on the injector to combine beautiful fragrance with the heat and hydromassage of your hot tub. We offer a range of signature aroma formulations with high quality essential oils, including Summer Rain and Midnight Jasmine. De-stress with soothing Tahitian Vanilla or invigorate your senses with therapeutic Eucalyptus. The scent of Ylang Ylang evokes a lush exotic garden where you can relax completely. Take a sensory trip to the Provence countryside with French Lavender or a tropical island resort with Honey Mango and Piña Colada. Choose a signature fragrance or select a combination of spa scents that you can cycle through for a multi-layered experience that provides a sensory treat.

Visit one of our local Sundance® Spa dealers to learn more and experience SunScents™ for yourself. Learn about our popular hot tub collections, spa covers, and other accessories that will turn your backyard into a fantastic at-home oasis.

Choose from eight inspiring spa scents:

Item #6473-153: Honey Mango
Item #6473-154: Pina Colada
Item #6473-155: Ylang-Ylang
Item #6472-216: French Lavender
Item #6472-237: Eucalyptus
Item #6472-238: Tahitian Vanilla
Item #6472-254: Summer Rain
Item #6472-210: Midnight Jasmine