At Sundance®, we like to say that we move water differently. First, every Sundance® jet is designed to produce a precise massage action. Second, our jets let you control the massage throughout your hydrotherapy session. You can adjust some of our jets four different ways! Third, each jet is positioned in the spa to maximize its effectiveness.

Fluidix® ST

The first jet in this series is the center of our ergonomically designed, 14 jet AccuSsage™ therapy seat. The Fluidix® ST adjusts from a soothing pulse to a straight stream by adding air to the water flow with the simple turn of a dial.


The unique handle in the face design of this larger Fluidix® jet allows for easy adjustment from a deep tissue massage to a wave-like oscillating stream for light tissue massage. These jets are used in our 880 Series Intelli-Jet therapy seat.

Fluidix® Reflex™

This advanced jet lets you adjust the direction of the water stream 360 degrees for a multitude of therapy options.

Fluidix® Nex™

With an adjustable face, the Nex jet can be turned to control the flow of water. Adding air to the oscillating stream straightens its path, for a more direct, penetrating massage. The Nex jet in the 880 Series will sooth sore neck muscles and ease shoulder pain.