Hot Tub Heating and Seasonal Use

Energy efficiency is built directly into our hot tubs’ shells:

  • We use two types of foam to provide full-foam insulation, completely filling the compartment between the shell and the skirt, and helping to maintain water temperature.
  • The equipment bay is surrounded by high-density, heat-resistant foam; elsewhere, lighter foam provides insulation.
  • Our Rigid Bond™ hot tub shells, combined with our excellent insulation system, provide superior performance, durability, and energy efficiency.

SunStrong® hot tub covers also contribute to energy efficiency:

  • Uses ultra-high-density foam to increase efficiency.
  • Delivers superior performance with an exterior made of highly durable marine-grade material.

We also sell energy-efficient models that incorporate inventive ways to boost efficiency without sacrificing top-notch hydrotherapy. Find the right combination of efficiency and options at your local dealer.


EcoWrap® is an optional, factory-installed insulation available on Sundance® Spas 780™ and 880™ Series hot tubs. Ideal for cold climates, it helps winterize your spa and reduce your operating costs.

Seasonal Use

Winter. Picture a beautiful spa at a wintery ski resort, steam rising into the air and the mountains towering behind you, and you’ll instantly agree: Winter is hot tub season. Don’t even think about letting your spa “hibernate”—with just a little preparation, you can use it year-round.

  • Drain, thoroughly clean, and refill your spa before the temperatures get too cold.
  • Minimize your exposure to the elements by making sure it is easy to get into and out of your spa via convenient steps, and stock up on fluffy robes and towels near your spa.
  • Ensure your hot tub cover is in good condition to maintain heat, and invest in a new one if you have doubts.
  • Keep up on water and filter maintenance. Dirty filters reduce water circulation and make the pump work harder, reducing energy efficiency.

Summer. Sunny days, backyard barbecues, and plenty of family time are just a few things people look forward to in the summer months. When you own a Sundance® spa, you can add plenty of hot tub time to that list. Here are some tips for summer use.

  • Prepare your hot tub for heavy use by giving it a good clean. Check for blockages and damage to any parts and make sure these are fixed before using the spa.
  • Clean and condition your hot tub cover to ensure it is protected from the elements.
  • Refill your spa and use test strips to get your chemical balance just right.
  • Fire up the jets and test each seat to make sure all jets are working.
  • Lower the temperature. Try turning the temperature down to 95°F or 85°F for daytime summer use, like a small pool that takes less energy to heat. You can use your tub as a cool-down zone as well.