Energy Efficient Hot Tubs: Conserve heat and keep water clean for more efficient operation.

Sundance® manufactures high-performance, energy efficient hot tubs that are engineered to run efficiently for years. We build in systems and components that maintain thermal energy. They also keep the water clean longer.

Constance® $9.86 NA
Victoria™ $13.61 NA
Aspen® $20.74 NA
Maxxus™ $23.26 $14.89
Optima® $20.02 $12.54
Cameo® $18.14 $15.32
McKinley $16.34 $12.38
Altamar® $18.22 $11.74
Marin® $16.06 $11.16
Capri® $14.47 $10.66
Chelsee® $14.33 $11.94
Hamilton™ $16.92 $11.88
Certa® $13.46 $10.80
Peyton $12.24 $8.71
Dover™ $11.81 $9.00
Hartford® $17.35 NA
Hawthorne® $18.36 NA
Denali® $11.59 NA
Tacoma® $9.58 NA

*Rates based on Mainland Averages – kWh rates change constantly and are typically higher on neighbor islands than on O‘ahu.

Meets or exceeds the energy efficiency standards as defined by the California Energy Commission “CEC”.

Every Sundance® Spa is tested in a certified energy chamber for its energy consumption. The chamber was built to test all of our spas to make sure they meet the CEC standards. Computer controlled sensors are calibrated on a regular basis to ensure accuracy. A third party company verifies the results and makes sure the chamber is in compliance with the strict standards of CEC. Unique features on every Sundance® Spa make them energy efficient so that you can enjoy lower monthly costs.