How Spa Accessories Enhance Your Hot Tub

Selecting the acrylic shell and cabinetry isn’t the final step in fully personalizing your hot tub. Accessorize your at-home oasis and backyard party spot with Sundance® Spas products that are designed to increase both the beauty and utility of your set up. Create the perfect staycation with options designed to give you a customized look and feel to suit your needs. Update an underused deck by making it an original entertainment space for family and friends, with your hot tub as the focal point.

Our spa covers come in several colors for a stylish look that also protect against weather and pollutants. Our steps blend seamlessly with our hot tubs and spas, while increasing safety for everyone when entering and exiting the water. SunScents™ add a deeper, more luxurious facet to your soaks, with a variety of fragrances to evoke the feeling of a remote jungle pool, a lush tropical paradise, or an exclusive day spa. Our water filters and purification system ensure your tub stays hygienic, and your water crystal clear, with minimal effort. We use high-grade, durable materials crafted to prolong the life of your investment, so you can enjoy our hot tubs and accessories for many years to come.

Whether you’re looking to outfit a new unit or to refresh one you already own, we have options to best suit every lifestyle. Visit our Accessories Bazaar for more practical and decorative add-ons, including planters, caddies, and (most importantly) yellow rubber duckies. Drop by one of our local Sundance® Spa dealers for more information on how to customize your home spa.

Accessories Bazaar

Creating a tranquil at-home getaway for backyard entertaining, quiet nights relaxing with family, or solo lounging after a long day is easy.

Cover Lifters

Good spa covers help to keep spa water clean and safe, while a hot tub cover lift can make using one easier on your arms and back.

Spa Filters

Your hot tub filters are the first and most important measure of protection for your home spa.


SunStrong™ synthetic material stands up to the effects of weather and is built to resist fading, rotting, cracks, and stains.


Enhance the soothing comfort of your home spa with the addition of luxurious aromatherapy.

Sunstrong Cover

Protect your spa while adding a premium touch to your outdoor décor.

Water Purification

All of Sunset® hot tubs and spas come pre-equipped with the best cleaning set up in the industry.